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Ceramics on Display at Chilmark Pottery, Martha's Vineyard.

Gallery Exhibit, May 1-15, 2002, "Mothership Collective", Amherst MA

"Bare Bones" - 24" x 30", oil on canvas.

"Nightclub" 42" x 30" - acrylic paint, collage and found objects.

"Slow Burn" - 24" x 36", acrylic paint, collage and found objects on panel.

You can purchase this at as a 2/3 size lithograph (18" x 24") on heavy stock, from my limited edition print set. I have signed, numbered, and titled each one by hand.

"City/Illusion/Me" - 60" x 19", acrylic paint, collage, found objects.

"Gel Caps and Amniotic Sacs" - 27" x 14", acrylic paint, collage and tissue paper on canvas.

"Media Curtain" - 43" x 32", acrylic paint, September 11th 2001 newspapers, and found object.

"Untitled" - 24" x 48", spray paint on panel.

"2K" - 20" x 51", collage and spray paint on canvas.

"Orchard Street" - 42" x 36", newspaper and spray paint on canvas.

Some admirers.

Some more admirers.

Mom was among the admirers.

Mom presented me this quilt for graduation.

Dad helps show the back of the quilt.

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