My name is Ruth Tanner. That's me above between my husband and our daughter. You're welcome to visit the links to my needlework art.

My hobby is quilting. Above, I'm sitting next to a baby quilt I had just presented. Below, Ranger enjoys the warmth of my first bed quilt.

My Volunteer Work at the WTC Site.

Virtual Travel with Us, also
Puppies and Kittens.

If you choose to take the link to our family home page, you'll find an exhaustive list of links and much more information.

My beloved miniature schnauzer, Cosy. She passed away October 2, 2000. We got her at six weeks old in 1986.

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Needlework Links


Bed-size, table-runner, sampler, wall-hangings, apparel, and favorites.


I have two to show you.

Quilting Center My Husband Dan Made for Me

My Snazzy List of Links

Tanner family home page.
Visual & Performing art, our pets, house & garden, vacation photos some and neat links.
Our daughter Mathilda's home page.
Her senior thesis and post-graduate art.
Our pages of our daughter Mathilda's art.
From early childhood up to college.
My husband Dan's professional home page.
He's in high-tech.