Cabot Trail, Cape Breton

The Cabot Trail takes in the entire northwestern portion of Cape Breton, and may be one of the most beautiful tours one can take in North America.

Meat Cove is the northernmost point of Nova Scotia. The tiny village clings to a hill with a sheer drop to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The name may not be the prettiest, but the place sure is beautiful.

Neil's Harbor is at the eastern end of the Cabot Trail. The fog rolled in as we arrived.

Just south of Neil's Harbor along the Cabot Trail, we drove in to take in Mary Ann Falls.

We spotted these flowers in a mountain bog meadow on Cape Breton's North Mountain.

The Mackenzie river flows through a cleft, possibly a fault line, between mountains in Cape Breton National Park.

Was this where Cabot actually landed in North America? There's another Cape Breton spot making the same claim, but this one's "officially" the only point where the explorer set foot on the continent -- although Cape Breton is an island. The water was warmer than that in Maine.

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