Dominica: Chaudiere
Chaudiere (Creole for "pot") is a deep mountain pool on the Hempstead River, reached on a trail from the village of Bense. The pool is deep enough to dive into safely from the highest rocks, and one can also enjoy the natural water slide. The water is so swift in the chute that one does not touch the smooth rock at all when sliding.

See Dan in the water chute?

The boy 2nd from the right is Trever Charles, from Bense. His father, Tony Charles, is friend of ours. Mr. Charles owns and operates one of the neatest tourist busses in Dominica.

The young lady above lives in Edmonton Alberta, and was in Bense for her grandmother's funeral held several days earlier. The girl in the black bathing suit in another photo was also from Edmonton. The kids in these photos were really nice to us, helping us learn how to use the natural water slide, etc.

The handsome fellow at the far right in the photo above is Taj Johnson. He was born in Dominica, but lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where he currently works as an account representative for a local conputer firm.

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