Dominica: Apartment Flats in Calibishie
Would you like to rent a nice apartment in beautiful Calibishie? Look below.


This building has two three-bedroom/two-bathroom apartments for rent.

This is very informal and candid view of an apartment kitchen.

Either apartment rents for US$50 per day with use of one bedroom (the kitchen and two baths are shared), or US$350 per week or US$1500 per month for the entire apartment.

Compare these prices (and the quality) with apartments for rent only by the week or month (not by the day) that are also not in the town, but which are up a couple of fairly steep hills and a good, hard 45 minute walk from town. Here, you're steps from shops, the post office, bathing, restaurants, and other attractions - you won't need a car (you will want one in the other places). And, our monthly rent is at the very least US$700 lower!

Write for info or to reserve.