Dominica: Friends


Nathalie has been our friend since 1987. We have exchanged visits. She has four sons. Mervin, the eldest, has been to our home with her. Her sons in descending age order are Mervin, Greg, Javan, and Shane.

Friends from Calibishie

Calibishie is the village where we will build our house. These friends are newer. We met Tyre and Desmond in 2001.

Gauth and Mary

Mary is Nathalie's cousin. Gauth is her husband. They liven in England for over two decades, and in the USA for over one decade, while he worked in consruction. They've returned to Dominica to retire. We met them in 1993, when Nathalie visited us. "Rambo", their dog isn't nearly as fierce as his name. In fact, he's gentle. But open the gate, and he's off!

Other friends

We met Alick in 1987.

R.O.P. Armour is a magistrate. He is also our friend and attorney.

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