Beautiful Views in Dominica

Wecome to the Commonwealth of Dominica, my homeland. Enjoy our flowers, the beauty of our land and its undersea realm, its amazing creatures and other scenery.

Schoolgirl with puppy and hibiscus, Calibishie.

Our 2001-02 Christmas to New Year visit.

Scenes from our fourth visit to Dominica.

Book of Flowers

Anthurium (3 pix).
Bird of Paradise flowers (3 pix).
Heliconia (4 pix).
Hibiscus (14 pix, about 1 min. @ 56K).
Colored leaves (3 pix).
Orchids (3 pix).
Other flowers whose names we know (13 pix, <1 min. @ 56K).
Other flowers whose names we DON'T know (21 pix, <2 min. @ 56K).
Trees: Fruit, Flowers, Wood

The Sea

Seascapes and Underwater


Landscapes, Towns
Random Wild & Natural Beauty

Creatures Great & Small



Us and Friends


Words about our third visit to Dominica

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