Dominica: Dominican Friends

The boy rowing us is the same one guiding us in the previous photo. In 1987, he met us at "Sunshine Village" across Prince Rupert Bay from Portsmouth harbor and rowed us to and up the Indian River.

Another 1987 first visit photo. We lodged for our first night at what turned out to be the medical school's student housing. The young woman in the photo was a laundry lady. She recognized our plight and helped us find the (now defunct) "Sunshine Village" in nearby Lagoon. She also had us to her mother's house, the scene above, and also where Mathilda is seen elsewhere on these pages eating cane sugar. We never even got her name, although we greeted her again in 1993.

In 1987 at Sunshine Village, Mathilda (right) found a playmate in Katherina, the proprietor's daughter. The 8-year old spoke English, German and the Dominican Patois.

Some poor children peer from a window.

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