Dominica Land Animals

Dominica has no native mammal save the agouti, a nocturnal rabbit-sized rodent. It has unique bird and reptile species. One large frog, "crapeau", or "mountain chicken" is prized for its delicious legs. Another delicacy, freshwater crayfish grow to the size of "chicken lobster".

Ruth couldn't resist holding this day-old kid in the town of Paix Bouche, where we stayed with our friends, the Ferrols.

We came across this donkey (it's the one on the right) as we walked from Paix Bouche to the smaller village of Providence, where Nathalie Ferrol was born.

In Providence, someone had tied out this cow. In the tropics cows are small or are of the Brahmin type. It's too hot for types common in America.

Ruth just LOVES goats. We snapped this family in Calibishie.

We spotted this lizard near a patio.

Back in 1993, when we visited Trafalgar Falls, some boys handed Mathilda this snake. They were surprised that she didn't recoil in horror. No snake in Dominica is venomnous.

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