See Mathilda grow!

Photos of Mathilda arranged in order as she grew up.

Mathilda started young as an artist, age two at her slate. She won her first art contest at age seven.

In the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association, sketching one of the famed gingerbread cottages on commission to make a painted t-shirt for its owner.

Mathilda proudly stands beside her winning entry, an oil collage, in the Boston Globe's annual Scholastic Arts contest. That year she became the only student artist ever to win two Gold Key awards in the same year, the other for her portfolio.

Mathilda with a display of three pottery pieces thrown at Chilmark Pottery which she incised, at the Shaw Cramer gallery, Vineyard Haven. Mathilda began working as an artist summers at Chilmark Pottery after her junior year in high school, the youngest - and most successful - artist ever employed there. She continued for four summers, winning a prize at the island's venerable "Ag Fair" each year. (Three firsts and one second. The judges told her they gave her a second one year so as not to discourage other artists!) She's there for the summer of '99 too.

Mathilda is pictured with a Chilmark Pottery display rack of her handicraft.

'90s Vargas Girl

Self-portrait in the mode of a "Vargas Girl" painting popular in Esquire magazine in the 1930s and '40s.

Pottery, plate, free-form sculpture and mixed-media.
Mathilda's early high school artwork.