Some of My Earlier Publications

Articles I edited (or ghost-wrote) for Semaphore

Article for managers, comparing CORBA to other distributed technologies

Published on the Object Management Group web site, November 1999
Integrating, Distributing applications via CORBA
You can also view this article in PDF format at the
OMG Web Site - White Papers

Article on Fault Tolerance

Published in Distributed Computing, December 1999
and Journal of Object Oriented Programming, May 2000
also slated for the IEEE publication Computer.
Object Level Fault Tolerance for CORBA-based Distributed Computing

Web article on Training Effectiveness

Accepted by Inside Tech Training and the IEEE publication Computer.
Get Top Value for Your Training Dollar

Web article on the Object-Oriented Lifecycle

Published in Application Development Trends, November 1999
Getting Where You Want To Go With O-O
The Object-Oriented Project Lifecycle, with References/Links Sidebar

Web article on the Incremental/Iterative/Integrative approach

Published in IT Professional, January 2000
Avoiding System Development Missteps

Article on Application Distribution Issues

For the IEEE publication IT Professional.
Resolving Distribution Issues

Article on Web-Enabling an Application

For the IEEE publication IT Professional.
Getting Down to e-Business

Feature Article I wrote for BYTE magazine.

333-MHz Pentium IIs: Slow-Bus Swan Song

Samples from Computer Design magazine

Complex Programmable Logic Devices
Early article about what today are "Windows terminals"
StrongARM microprocessor
Selected for use in Apple's Newton
Toshiba 16-bit microprocessor
For automotive use