Leaf Motif Applique' Autumn Wall Hanging

The three green leaf cutouts are appliqued with satin-stitches.

Woodford Hill Beach, Dominica

A "paper piecing" work from a panoramic photo that I took.

I had no pattern to work from, and made it from scratch. Texturing the water and finding the fabrics were the hard parts. For a look at Dominica, click here.

Christmas Cactus

A "paper piecing" work of a hanging basket Christmas cactus. This quilt was a background project that I picked up and put down over about a three year period.


A "paper piecing" work of a heliconia flower, as might appear in Dominica.


My first quilt sampler.

Nova Scotia Garden

A "paper-piecing" design.

Nature Scene

A nature scene I fancied.

Autumn Theme

Autumn Theme Wallhanging, 2000

Halloween Theme

Halloween Witch Wallhanging, 2000

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha's works have influenced our daughter Mathilda's art.

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