At Work?

My late miniature schnauzer Cosy and cockatiel Lem occasionally permit me to do my quilting.

Lyla doesn't behave much differently!

On vacation in Nova Scotia

July 2000: There's lots of quilting going on in Nova Scotia!

Links to see my quilts.

Slide Show of the Quilts I Made for Vacation Lodge in Dominica

This is actually a subset of a slide show about our place there.

Slide Show of the Special Quilt I Made for Dan's Birthday

Slide Show of 2004 Christmas Bowl Quilts

Slide Show of 2004 Christmas Gift Quilts

Apparel and Accessory Quilts

Bed Quilts

Table and "Runner" Quilts

Wall and Hanging Quilts

Baby Quilts

Baby Buntings

Wedding Quilts

Presentation Quilts

Bowl Quilts

Quilts for My Mother

My Personal Favorite Quilts



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