Dominica: Random Beauty

Love the mountains? Rivers? The coast? All of them? Here are some views we just couldn't categorize.

And we regret not having scannable photos of the breathtaking Carib Indian reservation and friendly people of Carib Indian descent to show to you. (We only have slides.)

Morne Trois Pitons (Three Peak Mountain) is Dominica's most massive, and is located near the island's center. A national park, it contains the Emerald Pool and is the source of many rivers. The highest mountain, Morne Diabolatin (Devil's, or Diabolic, Mountain) is in the north. It too hosts a national park and sisserou parrot habitat.

Douglas Bay, just north of The Cabrits on the Caribbean coast is one beach we love! It boasts many coral formations. You can see fish traps thet Dominicans weave using bamboo braces and palm fronds. Guadaloupe can just be glimpsed from the beach. Hang your towel on an almond tree, sit in the shade of a coconut tree and enjoy their fruits while you suck on some cocoa beans - have a natural "Almond Joy"!

Now defunct, in 1987 Sunshine Village was constructing this harbor. You can see the proprietor's boat and look to the upper left; there's a frigate bird.

You can tell this is a river mouth. Note the change in water color.

The Indian River empties into Portsmouth's harbor on Prince Ruprert's Bay

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