Dominica Sperm Whales

Dominica is a mountain peak rising between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, and one of the worlds steepest landscapes. So it's not surprising that the depths less than a mile offshore are 3,000 to 5,000 feet (1,000-1,500 metres). Giant squid, the diet staple of sperm whales, live at those depths. So, the cow whales stay in the warm water with their calves and dive for food. The bulls migrate worldwide, returning only in mating season.

The day of our whale watch was cloudy. And, I had shot my last frame when a whale "sounded" before us, raising its huge flukes to dive straight down.

Old-time whalers identified sperm whales, prized for their oil content, especially in the massive bulls, by the 45-degree angle characteristic of their exhale "blow".

One female in the pod came close to check us out, then dove under our boat.

Even seen only partially, side-on, one could ascertain that the cow whales (half the length of mature bulls) were longer than our 25-passenger boat.

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